How To Change District/School Account Settings

The Account Settings section of the web portal gives you general information about your district or school, allows you to select a badge template/barcode type and provides a few other important options for emergency management. The account settings option is for district admins and school admins only.

Account Settings

Account Settings

You can also disable emergency activation and/or Needs Help alerts sent by students through the mobile app

Emergency Alerts Disabling this will remove the ability to activate an emergency for the school or district. This will also remove the red Emergency button in the web portal.

Needs Help Alerts are messages sent by students using the mobile app outside of an active emergency. Disabling this will disable a students ability to send a message through the mobile app.

Emergency Messages are messages that go directly to the local 911 service. This option is disabled bu default. Contact our support team for configuration of text-to-911 services.

The Service Number and Emergency Number fields are used for text-to-911 services. Please contact our support team for help configuring this feature.