Creating and Managing Schools

The MSID web portal makes it easy to create and manage your schools.

  1. Log in to your web portal .

  2. Click Schools in the left navigation pane.

School Nav

Here you will see a list of any school already created.

School List

Creating a New School

  1. To create a new school click Create School

Create School

  1. Fill out the school information including images for your school logo and/or school name, badge template and barcode type.
  • The School Logo should have an aspect ratio of 5:4 while that of the school name should be 16:6.

  • Dont worry if you dont have a badge template created yet. You can always edit the school to select a template at a later time. More information on creating a badge template here .

Create School

  1. Click Submit when you are done.


Your digital IDs can contain a barcode. This barcode can be one the student may already use for other purposes at the school. Adding a barcode can eliminate the need for a separate or physical card that can get lost or stolen.

There are 2 common barcode types that we support: code 39 and code 128.

Editing an Existing School

If you have created your school but have to change information or add a badge template or barcode type you can easily edit any existing school.

Simply click Edit next to the school you need to modify, update the information then click Submit.

Deleting a School

To delete a school, click the Delete button next to the school in the school list then confirm the prompt that appears. Deleting a school will delete all students and related information associated to the school.