Logging In and Navigating Your Web Portal

To access your MySchoolID Web Portal navigate to https://ms-id.com and log in using the credentials given to you by your school or district administrator.

Once logged in you will see:

  • Your Dashboard which is your home page and will contain information based off of the role assigned to you. (More information below.)

  • The left navigation pane which allows you to jump to different areas of your web portal. (Depending on your role you may not see all options listed. Information for your specific role is below.)

  • The Activate Emergency button which will always appear in the upper right corner of every page.

  • Your email address in the upper right corner. Clicking your email address will allow you to view or edit your profile including your password, return to the Dashboard, or log out.


Web Portal Overview

Overview 2

What role is assigned to you?

Read below to learn what information your dashboard contains.

District Admin

Your district admin dashboard will give you access to view, edit and create schools and students.

District Admin Dashboard

District User

Your district user dashboard will give you access to view all schools and students within your district.

District User Dashboard

School Admin

Your school admin dashboard will give you access to view and create students.

School Admin Dashboard

School User

The school user dashboard will give you access to view your schools student list.

School User Dashboard