How To Import Your Student Data

This article will show you how to use the MySchoolID Web Portal to import your students' data and photos into your school(s). This import can include preset passwords for each student.


  1. Student data in CSV format (Template download and required fields below)
Download Here

If you cannot download the above file create a new CSV file in Excel or a similar program and use the following required fields (as separate columns)making sure to use these fields exactly how they are typed below:

  • DCID - A preset record identifier. This field is optional.
  • Last_Name - Students last name
  • First_Name - Students first name
  • Email - Students Email Address (Only needed if your students will be accessing the mobile app)
  • Grade_Level - Students grade level
  • Student_ID - Students ID number
  • Guardian_First_Name - Guardians first name (Optional)
  • Guardian_Last_Name - Guardians last name (Optional)
  • Guardian_Email - Guardians email address (Optional)
  • Password - Preset password for students access to the mobile app (Optional)
  1. Zipped file OR a Dropbox folder location with student photos(PNG or JPG format; more info below)

  2. Student ID number for each student entered in CSV MUST match that student’s photo filename. More information on this below.

Importing the Data

  1. Log in to your web portal.

  2. Click on the Import option in the left navigation pane.


  1. Click Create Import

Create Import

  1. Under Import Type select School, then select the school you want to import to. Click Next.

Import Type

  1. Under Image Source select whether you want to upload a ZIP file or use a DropBox folder. (Instructions for each are below.)

Image Source

In both cases, the Student ID number entered in your CSV file MUST match the filename of that student’s photo. (ex. John Adams Student ID number 54875, photo filename “54875.png”) Take a look at the 2 photos below; the first image is the CSV file with student IDs that match the photo filenames in the second image.



Uploading Photos via a ZIP file

  1. To create a ZIP file simply put all your student photos into one folder.

Photo Folder

  1. Right click that folder, hover over Send To then click Compressed(zipped) folder.

Send To

You can name the ZIP file anything you’d like. This will convert the folder to a ZIP file ready to be uploaded.

  1. Once you have the ZIP file click ZIP File under Image Source then click Next.

ZIP Import

  1. Click Choose File and select the ZIP file you created. Click Next.


  1. Click Choose File and select the CSV with your student data. Click Submit.


Uploading Photos via Dropbox

  1. Log into your Dropbox account.

  2. Find and hover over the folder containing your students photos and click the Share icon.

  3. Click Copy Link.

Copy Link

  1. Back in the MSID Web Portal, click Dropbox under Image Source. Click Next.


  1. Paste (CTRL+V) in the folder URL you copied from Dropbox. Click Next.

Dropbox Location

  1. Click Choose File and select the CSV with your student data. Click Submit.


Import Status

After you click Submit, you will be taken back to the Import page where you can see the status of your import. If successful, your student data and photos were all uploaded. If there is an error, click Edit to see a breakdown of each record you uploaded. Click Edit again next to any records with an error to see exactly what the error is so that you can make any needed corrections.

Common import errors include:

  • Duplicate email address or student ID number
  • Email address is in wrong format
  • Photo filename doesnt match student ID number in CSV file
  • A required field is missing from CSV file
  • Data in a required field is missing

Import Error

Import Error

Import Error