MySchoolID Patch Notes

MSID Web Portal v2.6 Update Notes

Added barcode format selection. This allows you to choose a barcode format for your Student IDs; perfect for use with IVM software. More information here

Added ability to upload district-wide documentation. This can include emergency readiness info, maps, etc. More information here

Fixed an issue where a SchoolAdmin was not able to see a student’s message through the web portal

Fixed an issue that was causing a blank screen when accessing the web portal from a bookmark

Fixed an issue with adding passwords for student import

Fixed an issue with creating a SchoolAdmin user

Other various UI and back end service improvements

MSID Web Portal Update Notes – September 10th, 2021

Added ability to import passwords during the student import process. For more information click here.

Added initial support for 2 way communication and text-to-911 services.

This includes new settings for activating Emergency Messages and setting a service number.

For more information click here.

Added link for Software Documentation website

Implemented an accordion style navigation menu

Fixed and issue with the Print Temp ID Badge Preview that would cause the bottom of the badge to be cut off

Fixed some permission issues with the DistrictAdmin and SchoolAdmin roles

Fixed an issue with the Dashboard not displaying any information

Activated emergencies are now no longer automatically resolved if all students are marked safe

Added friendly error messages when certain errors occur

Added a district-level settings page for DistrictAdmin users

Fixed an issue that would allow an emergency to be activated even if Emergency Alerts setting is disabled

Fixed an issue that would show continuous notifications in the browser when student are marked safe during an emergency

Various back end service improvements

MSID Web Portal Update Notes – July 6th, 2021

  1. Fixed an issue that would allow an Emergency record to be deleted

  2. Added ability to search by student ID and email address

  3. Updated District list view to include fields for:

    Created_At – which is the timestamp the district was created

    Last_Updated – which is the timestamp the district was last updated

    Created_By – which is the user that created the district

    Schools – which is the number of schools in the district

  4. Fixed an issue that would allow more than one emergency to be activated at the same time for the same school

  5. Fixed an import issue that would import grade level “0” instead of “K”

  6. Fixed an issue with the DistrictUser role that would auto logout the user when clicking on a schools

  7. Fixed an issue involving an error that would occur when updating a password.

  8. Added ability to unmark a student as “Safe” during an active emergency, returning their status to “Unknown”

  9. Added ability to create “DistrictContact” and “SchoolContact” users.

  10. Added a “View Help Request” link for each student in the “ImSafe” area.

  11. Fixed an issue that was preventing push notifications from being sent to the mobile app

  12. Added a timestamp to active emergency when the status is change to “Resolved”

  13. The Emergency page of the web portal will auto refresh every 30 seconds during an active emergency.

  14. Font size for the temporary passcode emailed to users has been increased.

  15. Fixed various issues with user roles, the user interface and backend services.