Student Contacts

As part of the Powerschool integration you can choose to sync over student contacts. This adds another layer of security to your check-in station and ensures that students can only be checked in or out if:

The contact completing the check-in or out exists on the contacts list AND

The contact is approved to pick up their student(s)

There are a few ways to sync your contacts from Powerschool.

  1. You can choose to sync all contacts OR
  2. You can sync just those that have the student pickup checkmark in their Powerschool contact profile.

Lets take a look at the difference.

Student Contact Record

This pickup option is very important. If you choose to sync all contacts, this Student Pickup option will not matter and ALL contacts will be synced.

If you choose to sync only contacts with the pickup option then only those will be synced.

Student Contact Personal Identifiable Information

In order to accurately sync over multiple contacts with the same first, middle, and last name it is recommended that each contact have another piece of identifiable information such as email address and/or phone number. The will ensure that 2 different contacts with the same name but no other identifiable information will not be merged when synced to Identakid apps.