Your check-in station allows you to use an auto complete feature. This feature makes it easy to type in just a few characters of the first name to find the full name you need.

“How does this magic you speak of work!?” you may be asking yourself.

Well as you start to type in a name into the first name field if that name appears on a preloaded list set for the badge or if an RFID user exists for the badge you will see results displayed as you type! Likewise during check-out you will see names currently checked into the system.


Simply select the name you wish to use and continue with the check-in.

Lets look at the settings that affect this feature. (Admin account only.)

Click the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner of your Home Page


Click Settings


Click Badge Settings and select the badge you want to work with.

Badge Settings

Under Check-In Options and Check-Out Options are 2 settings to look for:

  1. Manual Lookup Type - Allows you to enable or disable the autocomplete feature. Simply select username for no autocomplete or username with autocomplete to enable autocomplete.

Manual Lookup Type

  1. Auto Complete Max Search Results - Allows you to specify the number of search results to use for autocomplete. Options include 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Max Results

Expanded Visitor Search Feature

We have added a new search feature to the auto complete process. This feature will allow you to perform a full or partial search by first, middle or last name, or a combination of all three.

Lets look at an example!


With the current auto complete process only the first name is recognized and searched as you can see above. With the expanded search feature simply type in any combination of first middle or last name and click the green next arrow.



This will give you any search results with the data that you entered. Select the record you want and continue the check-in or out process!