Current Version 3.30

v3.30 - October 19th, 2021 - Updated various images for PowerSchool Integration pages; added a new page on Powerschool - Resyncing a School .

v3.20 - September 20th, 2021 - Updated menu navigation terms for various pages; added page including video on Quick Check-In ; added troubleshooting steps for Client Agent

v3.10 - September 9th, 2021 - Updates to MySchoolID Pages Account Settings , Emergency Feature , Student Import Added new page for Text to 911 Services

v3.01 - September 1st, 2021 - Updated contact information for OneRoster page; removed an article on a password generation feature no longer available for MSID - Student Import

v3.0 - August 23th, 2021 - Added a New Users page that will provide useful links and articles about your Identakid apps; updated Activity Report v2 page. The original Activity Report will be removed from your Web Manager soon. Updated various MySchoolID pages.

v2.3 - July 14th, 2021 - Updates to the following pages: Powerschool - School Manager Settings , Powerschool - Student Contacts , Web Manager - Badge Settings , Web Client - Autocomplete , Web Client - JiffyPass Modes , Web Client - Offline Support ,

v2.2 - June 18th, 2021 - Updated Web Manager - Badge Settings , Web Manager - RFID User List , Web Client - JiffyPass Modes , Web Client - JiffyPass Reader Settings , Web Client - Optical Scanner MSID - Creating Schools , MSID - Creating Students and MSID - Student Import

v2.1 - June 1st, 2021 - Added calibration QR code to Optical Scanner device page; removed Offline Support video for review; updated the SOC Process and Configuration page; Updates to DYMO Config , Webcam Config , Barcode Scanning Apps , Powerschool - School Manager Settings

v2.0 - May 21st, 2021 - Fixed an issue with MSID Student Template CSV Download

v1.9.9 - May 21st, 2021 - Updated Account Settings page for MySchoolID; Updated School Association , User Management , Nogo Enhanced List and RFID List pages for the District Manager app; updated Activity Report v2 page for School Manager app

v1.9.8 - May 14th, 2021 - Added supported browsers and mobile devices for MySchoolID mobile app and web portal ; updated Dashboard information for MySchoolID; updated few images for User Management for IAK apps

v1.9.7 - May 4th, 2021 - Fix for MySchoolID CSV template download

v1.9.5 - May 4th, 2021 - Updated Identakid Logo; updated MySchoolID URL text (

v1.9.4 - April 29th, 2021 - Updates to Handling an Emergency , Viewing Your ID , Accessing and Logging into the Web Portal , Managing Schools and Managing Users

v1.9.3 - April 27th, 2021 - Updates to Badge Template Creation , School Creation , User Management and Student Import content pages for MySchoolID

v1.9.2 - April 26th, 2021 - Updates to MSID images and text

v1.9.1 - April 22nd, 2021 - Fixed an issue with the IVM Logo not appearing

v1.9.0 - April 15th, 2021 - Added content pages for MySchoolID; Added images for Activity Report v2 Data Sources

v1.8.0 - March 17th, 2021 - Updated various content pages with new images and updated text: combined similar content pages for easier navigation; added new content for Quick JiffyPass Check-In feature; updated new Visitor Search feature with new images and updated text

v1.7.0 - Feb 23rd, 2021 - Added content pages for the new Powerschool module; moved user guide updates to its own category in the navigation pane; updated text throughout various content pages

v1.6.1 - Jan 25th, 2021 - Updated autocomplete page with new Visitor Search addition

v1.6.0 - Jan 19th, 2021 - Added content page for autocomplete feature

v1.5.3 - Jan 12th, 2021 - Added best practices for sharing stations

v1.5.2 - Jan 4th, 2021 - Added Verified Volunteer content page, various additions

v1.4.1 - Dec 14th, 2020 - Added resources and tips page, updated guide notes

v1.3.1 - Dec 8th, 2020 - Added MySchoolID content page, added system requirements to Home Page

v1.2.1 - Dec 3rd, 2020 - Added User Guide Updates to Home Page

v1.2.0 - Dec 1st, 2020 - Added page for Activity Reports v2

v1.1.5 - Nov 30th, 2020 - Did a quality pass on all pages and updated various content pages

v1.1.0 - Nov 19th, 2020 - Initial Release; Updates to quick checkout, page layout, station replacement and reset content pages