Quick Check-In

Using a combination of settings from your School Manager and Check-In station, you can create a quick and easy check in process for both users who may manually sign in or for users who scan a barcode or keyfob to sign in! This involves use of Additional Information, more info here .

There are 2 ways that you can use Additional Information to make your check-in process faster:

  • Using just one Answer for any or all Additional Information that you use. This ensures that during the check-in that one answer is auto selected and never seen by the user.

  • If you have more than one Answer you can set a Default Answer. This answer will be auto selected during the check-in but can be changed if need be. (The user will see this during check-in)

Either method you use…and you can use both…you can use in combination with Integrated JiffyPass Scanning Mode to allow touchless interaction with the system. More information on configuring this mode here .

Important Note about Auto Logout, Powerschool and Quick Check-In

Due to the nature of our offline support if you plan to have students use a barcode to scan for tardy or early release using quick check-in, your autologout time MUST be set to Relative>+0.00. This ensures that the entire check in and out record is completed and the appropriate attendance codes are selected and posted to Powerschool. For more information on setting up an Autologout time, click here .