IMPORTANT UPDATE - As of April 15th, 2024, CENTEGIX has released a new Visitor Management support site. For the most up-to-date documentation, please visit this site.

Resetting and Replacing your Station

Some times the only way to fix an issue with your check-in station is to do a station reset and replacement. This clears out all local data so you can start with a fresh check-in station. This does NOT delete any check-in data that has synced to the cloud.

If, when completing the reset, you get a message stating there is still data to be synced DO NOT reset the station. Instead, contact support for further assistance.

To complete a reset, first take note of your Station Name. Your station name is in the upper right hand corner of your Home Page, under your school name. (Highlighted in red below.)

Station Name

Access your Client Settings.


Scroll down and click Station Reset.

Station Reset

Click Get Started

Get Started

Choose Replacement


Select your school from the drop down.

Select School

Select the station name

Select Station

Click Replace

Thats it! All of your settings are retained when doing a replacement so you should be able to start using your system right away.