Handling Notifications

Sexual Offender/Nogo Alerts

You have the sexual offender check enabled and you receive an alert. What do you do?

With the notification feature, when an alert is triggered for a sexual offender or from your Nogo list, you and your users can receive and respond to the alert remotely, either via email or text message.

Let’s take a look.

When an alert is triggered from your check-in station, that station will have a message similar to the one shown in the image below. This is alerting the user that there is an issue (non-specific) with the check-in and to wait for an administrator.

Admin Attention

Clicking Review or clicking the link within the email or text message will take you to the school manager notification area to review the alert.

Alert Review

Here you can see the details of the check in and any matches found, either on your Nogo list or through the sexual offender registry. This includes any images of the offender. Review the alert and click Allow to allow the check-in, Deny to deny the check-in or Cancel to cancel the check-in.

In your notification area you will have a running list of all alerts that your system has received and how they were handled.

Notification Page

Be sure to click Settings here to adjust what types of alerts you receive. Remember that each user must adjust their own alert settings.

Notification Settings

Notification Alert Timeout/Status Change

If a notification alert for either SOC or NoGo goes unanswered its status will update to Timeout; this tells you that the period to respond to the alert has passed.

Luckily you can update any alert status!

Simply click Change Status and update the status to Approved or Denied and add notes if needed.

Change Status

Change Status